TIAMA Supply and Services



We aim to respond promptly to all enquiries and to provide quotations which accurately and comprehensively fulfil the customer's requirements.

currently represent two world class companies: Norgren and BSI British Standards. It is our intention to retain a selected portfolio of representations thus providing a dedicated and high level of service for each manufacturer/publisher and their respective end-users.

We are delighted to have become an authorised distributor of BSI British Standards. BSI British Standards supplies not just British Standards but standards from all of the foremost international standards bodies. We feel that BSI British Standards is an addition to our portfolio which further enhances the range and quality of products and serivces which we can offer to our clients.

In addition to products available from our represented manufacturers Tiama also sources and supplies materials from other manufacturers - primarily in Europe and USA.

Having associated companies in the U.K. and U.S.A. Tiama is uniquely positioned to deliver product from those manufacturers to Libya with best cost and delivery time.

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